NV Salon is proud to introduce Dermalogica to its clients offering 5* facial treatments to people of all ages.  It doesn’t matter what type of skin you have, Dermalogica offers a wide range of different products for everyone.  Fully trained in it’s products, our Head Beauty Therapist Naomi offers not only a great facial experience but a professional ‘skin mapping’ consultation to each client, explaining how she has achieved the results she has so you can too!

When Dermalogica is used on your skin, skin health is redefined.  For over 25 years Dermalogica is the number one choice for both professionals and the customers that use it.  This is due to it’s innovation, education to the market and professional recommendation, not just relying on sparkly packaging, promises of miracle cures and hype.

Below are the Dermalogica facials available at NV Salon:

Daily Skin Health – Whether your skin is oily or dry, our unique daily formulas will help maintain skin health and balance moisture levels.

Age Smart – Control skin ageing at the source while helping to stimulate collagen production, increase elasticity and promote smoothness.

Medibac Cleaning – Adult acne has meet it’s match, with around-the-clock clearing and prevention.

UltraCalming – Our most gentle formulas provide serious relief for even the most sensitised skin.

Clear Start – Teen breakouts have meet their match with these medicated formulas that are tough on breakouts, gentle on skin.

Often times, clients want a quick, targeted solution to an immediate skin care concern, such as a bothersome breakout, tired eyes or dull, lacklustre skin, without surrendering to the full 60 minute treatment.  For this reason Dermalogica has created microzone treatments: The 20 minute, high intensity, accelerated version of the Dermalogica skin treatment that takes place in 1 over 3 of the time.  Here are whats on offer:

Age Repair – Repair, Revitalise and fight signs of ageing with the supreme treatment for ageing skin.

Moisture Boost – Rehydrate and replenish dry, thirsty skin with this intense moisture quench for your face.

Skin Soothing – This treatment delivers cooling, soothing relief to sensitised and irritated skin.

Please feel free to call us for more information or to book an appointment.

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